Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Owen is 2!

In July Owen turned 2!

weight: 23 lbs 1%
height: 35 inches 8%

Owen is such a happy little guy. He is such a sweet and good baby I have no complaints. He loves Mickey Mouse and will watch Mickey mouse clubhouse all day if I would let him. He loves playing with his brothers and he thinks he is just as big as they are. He loves taking naps and going to bed and will often ask to go take a nap, he has like 20 things that he takes to bed with him every night. He is talking up a storm. He loves our dog Schatzi and is a definite momma's boy. I am having so much fun with this little guy, he melts my heart and gets away with probably too much. Him and I get to spend a lot of time together while the brothers are at school and I love every minute! I love you Owen!!!!