Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cameron turned 6!

In May Cameron turned 6 years old. I can't believe we have a 6 year old. Time has gone by way to fast. On his birthday Lucas, Owen and I went to the school to have lunch with him and took some cupcakes to his class. He got to open his presents and got a DS, he was so excited. A couple of days later we had a party. We just had a couple of friends over to celebrate.

stats at 6 years old:
weight: a whopping 35.4 lbs still our little guy
height: 43 1/4 inches.

Cameron is still our sweet and kind hearted little boy. He loves going to school and learning. He loves to read books especially the book of Mormon and the Friend magazine. He is such a great example to his little brothers and really loves them. He loves to play his DS and play with his brothers and friends. He is very aware of others and how they are feeling. He is a very good listener and hates to make a wrong choice. He loves making projects and crafts and will often write little notes to Reid and I. I love this sweet and kind hearted little boy, he is such a great example to me! I am so grateful and feel so blessed to have him as my son. I just want time to slow down so I can enjoy him more!! I love you Cameron and am so proud of you!