Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lucas is 5!

In January Lucas turned 5, I can hardly believe he is 5. For his birthday he wanted a gold fish. So we had him open his gift from grandmama and he loved all the clothes she gave him. After preschool I took him to Walmart to pick out his fish. We ended up getting 3 because I knew they might not last very long. He was so excited to get them home and put them in the fish bowl. He was very good and made sure that I fed the fish a couple times a day and would often sit and watch the fish swim around. A couple days after his birthday we had a party at Chuck e Cheese. We just got a bunch of tokens and let the kids play. They came back for cupcakes and for him to open his presents. He got so much great stuff. Thank you to everyoen for the great gifts. We had so much fun celebrating his birthday!

Lucas is such a good little boy. He can be mischeivious at times but I really love spending time with him. I am going to miss him so much when he starts school in the fall. He loves to play the kinect and his DS. He loves his brothers and gets so excited for Cameron to get home from school everyday. He loved playing soccer and is so excited to play again in the spring. He is really sweet and good with Owen and tries to include him. He loves Schatzi and will often be found holding her or walking her on her leash in the house. He is full of energy and loves riding his bike without training wheels and riding his razor. He is quite good and fast on his razor. He loves to cuddle with me and I love it and he still calls me momma sometimes and it melts my heart. I love you so much Lucas and I am so proud of you!!!