Tuesday, March 13, 2012


On Christmas eve we went over to the Bowcutts for dinner and did a little nativity with the kids dressed up and brought white elephant gifts. The kids loved the white elephant gift exchange, it was really fun. We had such a great time with some really great friends. It was nice to spend time with some of the people we love. Christmas was such a fun day, of course the kids were geared and ready and woke up early to see what santa had brought them. Cameron and Lucas got tennis rackets and tennis balls(which they asked for) and were so excited. They wanted to get out and play but since it was Sunday and cold outside we let them practice a little in the house. They were thrilled! Owen got a firetruck and was so excited and wanted it opened right away. The boys got some really great stuff, thank you to everyone who got them stuf. They had a blast opening all their presents. The favorite gift came from Reid and I, it was the Kinect you can see their faces, they were so excited and shocked we actually got it for them. They played that thing the rest of the day except when we went to church. They got to wear their new white shirts and ties that grandma got for them. She ordered them from my cousin Rachel who is so talented. Thanks grandma we love them, and thanks Rachel they are so great! We enjoyed the day relaxing and spending time as a family.


Nikki Nielson said...

Love their matching outfits!