Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crazy sickness (very long)

So last summer wasn't the greatest for me. About a week or so after our cruise I got really sick. I started getting headaches, you might think oh headaches not so bad, not these, these were bad headaches where I had to lay down pretty much all day not able to do much if hardly anything. A couple days later I woke up and one of my eyes was swollen shut. I went to the eye doctor and he said that he didn't know what was causing the swelling and maybe I had an infection, I asked him if this could also be causing the headaches he said no and gave me some drops and sent me on my way. The swelling went down a little after a couple of days. The next day I had a severe headache (which I'll call a major headache the rest of the story) I can't even describe the pain, it was awful, it was so bad that I was in the fetal position on the floor holding my head and crying really hard, I was sensitive to lights as well. I couldn't get the pain to go away. I took some Tylenol and after about 1 hour and 30 mins the pain subsided a little but was not all the way gone. Reid thinking I was having a migraine went to the store and got me some Excedrin which I took when the other medicine time was up it would take the pain almost all the way gone but not fully and I would immediately have to take it when I was able to take it again. The next 2 whole days I had a headache and had to go on camping trip with the youth but it wore off by the end of the day. The next morning while camping with the youth I woke up with a headache and was very nauseous and threw up. I toughed it out and continued with the camp out and helped cook breakfast and tried not to think about it. The headache continued all the rest of the day. The next day I woke up with a headache and threw up, I stayed home from church and had one of those major headaches again, took Excedrin and it took about an hour to subside but was not completely gone. The next morning I had a headache again and threw up. I called the doctor because I was not sure what was going on. The doctor had no clue what was going on, tried to tell me I was pregnant but I knew I wasn't and did all sorts of tests on me, after finding out I was indeed not pregnant she gave me some medicine for migraines and wanted me to schedule a CT scan of my head. The medicine she gave me didn't even touch the headaches at all. The next day I had another major headache. No medicine could touch the pain. So I called the doctor and she sent in another precription. The new medicine she gave me made things even worse, after I took it the room was just spinning, I felt as if I was on a ride that was just constantly spinning. After 2 doses of that I stopped taking it. The next couple of days I had headaches all day long and threw up every morning. On June 17, I had a CT scan. The results came out clear with nothing to report except swelling and pressure around my eyes. I continued to have heaches with throwing up for the next week. Then I called the doctor again and she gave me steroids and wanted me to make an MRI appointment to get an MRI of my head to see if there was anything that the CT scan didn't pick up and also to make an appointment with an Opthamologist. The steroid that she said would take out the swelling didn't do much, all it did was make me extremely hungry. I continued to have headaches and threw up for the next three days. My in laws came for a visit and I tried to put on a good face but was still so sick. They were here for about 5 days and during there visit I think we ate out every meal because I couldn't cook and they wanted to go out. I pushed through and tried to do as much as I could with them. During their visit I had an MRI of my head, the results came out clear but with swelling and pressure around my eyes, no huge surprise to me. The next week I had a headache and throwing up everyday. Then I went to see an Opthamologist to check out my eyes better. He said there was swelling around my eyes and put me on steroid eye drops and another eye medicine but said he didn't see any infection, while I was there he dilated my eyes and I felt the best I had felt in a long time until it wore off then it was bad again. I continued to have headaches for another week and the doctor wanted me to see a Neurologist. I took my MRI in for him to look at and he said you have a very beautiful and very healthy brain nothing showing up on the MRI, he did make fun of my head shape but other than that basically said I was wasting my time. Not fun to hear when the appointment was a couple hundred dollars. He suggested I go back to the Opthamolgist again. I continued to have the headaches for another week until my appointment. He said that it looked like I might be having a major allergic reaction in my eye and gave me some drops. It took another week of the allergy drops and all my symptoms went away. $2000.00 later and it was all gone. The day I woke up without a headache was the best day ever. During this whole time you might ask what did I do with my kids, they spent a lot of time watching movies/TV or playing while I laid there. I had some really great friends that brought in meals, came in and cleaned my house, and a friends husband who helped Reid give me a blessing. There were days that I didn't want to wake up, I would go to bed and say I don't want to wake up, I don't want to have to go through this anymore. I was very depressed and hating not being able to be my normal, fun, doing everything self. The hardest part was hearing my boys saying prayers that I would get better so I could spend time with them and so I could take them places. It was hard to tell them that I couldn't do what they wanted me to do with them. I pushed through a lot and would take my kids swimming and other places some days until I couldn't stand the pain anymore and had to lay down. I tried to keep things normal but really struggled and would push myself too far. I would cry myself to sleep most nights. I did however learn a ton while enduring this trial. I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father that blessed me while I was going through all this and gave me the strength to endure and for a loving husband who took over what I couldn't do. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. The timeline that I had these headaches and everything was from May 5 until about August 4 or 5. Basically the whole summer!