Monday, May 24, 2010

Lots of updates!!

Cameron's 5!

As crazy as it sounds we now have a 5 year old at our house. I can't believe it. Cameron turned 5 last Tuesday. He loves birthdays, he had been talking about this birthday since his last birthday. He had his traditional waffle with candle for breakfast. Went to playgroup and went out to dinner. I asked him where he wanted to go eat and he said," Mom I want a burger and a milkshake." We decided to go to Applesbee's which was great for us since kids eat free on Tuesdays. They came out and sang to him and gave him a little ice cream sundae. After his ice cream he decided he no longer wanted a milkshake. He got lots of phone calls and cards, thank you to everyone that called and/or sent cards. He didn't really have any presents to open because he got a bike and a helmet, I think he was a little dissappointed but we made up for it with the a birthday party on Thursday. For the party we were just going to go to the park and let the kids play and have cupcakes and open presents and that was all that was planned. Well mother nature decided to not let us do that. We showed up to play and the sky was looking really dark and stormy so I thought it will blow over quickly as long as there is no rain we will be good. We started the party having the kids play on the playground then there was lightning and then a huge loud thunder...all the kids started screaming. We decided to leave. My house was a mess so a very kind friend of mine let us go to her house to finish the party. The kids had a lot of fun and Cameron loved it. Thank you Tamra for letting us raid your home... you're the best. Happy Birthday Cameron, we love you!!!

Sunday afternoons...

Wrestling with dad. The boys just love to play and wrestle with their dad. I love watching them. It melts my heart to see the love they all have for each other and I feel so blessed to have all these boys in my life. I love them to pieces!!

Yum Red Vines!

Owen loves Red Vines, his face says it all!

Mother's Day Flowers!!

Here are the flowers I picked out for Mother's day. They were so pretty and made my kitchen smell so good.

Preschool Field Trip

A couple weeks ago Cameron's preschool class went on a field trip to the fire station and they invited all of us to come. They had a really good time and the firefighters were so generous and great with the kids. All the kids got to climb in the fire truck and check it out. They showed all of us the whole station, even where they sleep. All the kids thought is was really cool and loved being there.


Another Soccer season has come and gone. Cameron was able to play with the same team he played with last season. The boys on the team are great and they have so much fun together. Cameron did really well and really enjoys playing. He is not a big scorer but with a group effort he made a goal and was extremely happy and proud of himself. We love to go and watch him play and find ourselves laughing during every game. We are looking forward to many soccer seasons ahead.