Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lots of updates!!

Yes I know it has almost been a year, but I am happy to say I have finally caught up on my blog. Hope you all enjoy! You'll have to push older posts a couple of times to see everything :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Riding bikes!

It was such a nice day yesterday and after a 2 hour wait at Walmart with all 3 kids waiting to get tires on our car we needed to get out. They wanted me to take pictures of them with their bikes. Love these boys!!!


On Monday since it was so beautiful and spring break we decided to take advantage of the Zoo. My boys love seeing all the animals, they were so excited to see the cheetah's and luckily the cheetahs were right by the window and kept walking by looking at us. It was super crowded but we had a great time with friends and with Nikki and her girls. My boys love getting to spend time with Mayli, Tori and Zoe. Nikki was a trooper especially since she will be having a baby next Friday. We have really loved having them live close to us but are sad to say they are moving away before too long, we will miss them so much. Here is a picture of all of them together!

CTR Hero

In our Primary they have this thing called CTR hero. It is a little guy that you take with you and do good things and choose the right. The next Sunday you are supposed to bring it back and take a picture of a time you are choosing the right with the hero and tell about your adventures. Here is Lucas making his bed with his hero!

Mom, I am going potty!

So the other day I was making dinner and heard Owen playing in the bathroom. I told him to come out and he yelled Mom, I am going potty! I thought okay yeah right you have not gone potty yet. This is what I found and no he did not go potty but he had pulled his pants and diaper off and was sitting on the potty. It would have been even better if he had actually gone, but who can get mad at that cute little face. I definitely couldn't!

Look at this cute boy!


A couple weeks ago we had a little visitor....the very hungry catepillar. He got to spend the weekend with us and got to do some fun things with our family(for a preschool project) Here are some pictures of the fun times.