Sunday, January 17, 2010

Funny boys!!!

Some cute and funny things my boys have said lately:

At Cameron's preschool Thanksgiving party, we were eating the food the kids had prepared for all the parents and Cameron said, "This is so yummy, thanks to me!"

Before Christmas, Cameron and Luke had been watching Polar Express for days and days, one day Cameron came up to me and said," Mom I think Luke and I are on the naughty list!" I said, "Well, why do you think that?" Cameron said,"because we don't listen to you!" I told him that if he would listen and do what I asked he would be on the nice list again. He kept on asking the rest of that day if he was on the nice list yet.

So the other day I colored my hair and as I was putting Cameron and Luke in their beds for nap Cameron looked at me and said, "Mom your hair looks like something amazing!" I couldn't help but laugh and smile.

Cameron has been learning a lot of songs in preschool and has been teaching them to Luke. So the song is called months of the year and it lists out the months of the year, Luke started singing, "January, February, March, and April, May, June, July and Octipus. I was laughing so hard, and had to tell him it is August. Funny boy!

These two boys have been so crazy lately. They come up with all sorts of songs and stories. They like to pretend they are spiderman, they wrestle each other, they have way too much fun and also get in trouble together. I think Luke is really going to miss Cameron next year when Cameron goes to school.

These pictures aren't the best but here they are:

6 months old!

On Wednesday, Owen turned 6 months old.

6 month stats:

weight: 15 lbs 6.5 oz 10-25%
height: 26 3/4 inches 50-75%

Owen is still such a sweet baby. He sleeps great and rarely cries. He is such a joy and I am loving every minute. I know I keep on saying that but it is true. He now rolls all over the place from back to stomach and stomach to back. He will spin in circles all over the floor. We are working on the sitting by himself, but not quite there all the way yet. He loves to just talk and talk or in other words squeal and it is so cute. He has also found his tongue and loves to stick it out all the time and say lalala while it is still out. He loves his toys and playing with his brothers toys as well. He loves when Cameron and Luke talk to him or try to play with him. He is so happy all the time and loves to give gummy smiles to just about anyone. He is eating baby food now and absolutely loves it. He loves to join us at the dinner table, we just put him in the bumbo chair on the table and he loves to watch us eat, and be a part of the dinner time fun.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lucas is 3!!

Yesterday was Luke's 3rd birthday. When he woke up in the morning even before he made it downstairs, he yelled, " It's my Birthday today!!" It was so cute, he was so excited all day. Whenever anyone would sing to him he would have a huge smile on his face and say thank you right when the person was done. We decided to have a birthday party at McDonald's and let me tell you it was the perfect place to go. Each of his friends got a kids meal and got to play on the toys. We had a great time! After the party he got to play with his friend Allie. We went to Pei Wei for dinner because he loves the kids lo mein with chicken, and got to open more presents. He was so happy!! It turned out to be a busy day but we had so much fun.

Eating Lunch; Ryan, Luke and Cameron
Skylar, Aria and Michael.

Owen and Daddy!
It is hard to believe he is already 3!! Time is going way too fast. He is still in that trying stage, but I am hoping it will end soon. He reminds me way too much of myself (that's scary). He can be a real sweetheart when he wants to be. He is still somewhat of a mommas boy and loves the attention. He loves riding his bike, playing with toys, playing with Cameron, holding Owen, helping me make dinner, causing mischief (especially when i am feeding Owen), watching cartoons and movies. He never stops talking and is very clear and easy to understand. He tries to do everything Cameron does. He is very independent and likes things to be a certain way. He is very quick at learning things and picks up songs really fast, he knows the alphabet, various primary songs and nursery ryhmns. We adore this little guy and are so happy he is in our family. Love you buddy!! Happy Birthday!!