Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All in One Week!!

On Wednesday I put Owen down for a nap and decided to check on him and I found him standing up in his crib leaning over the rail. I immediately lowered the mattress. Now everytime I go to get him out he is standing there waiting for me to pick him up. On Friday he started saying dada and what sounds like mama but not sure. On Saturday, Owen crawled across our living room. He is everywhere and he gets further and further around the house everyday. Now I have to start the major babyproofing and making sure all the little toys are picked up and not left out. It will give me an excuse to have a very clean floor and house hopefully. He made it over to the stairs today as well so my next purchase is a baby gate. I sure love this little guy and can't get enough of him. I am so happy to see him accomplish all these milestones. Way to go buddy!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Major update!

8 months old!!

Owen is 8 months old now. He is still as happy as ever, and is such a good baby. He is still not quite crawling but he gets up on his knees and goes forward once and then falls, soon enough and he will be all over the place. He coos and squeals all the time and just the other day was saying baba. He knows exactly what to do to get our attention with a certain squeal. He can get from laying down to sitting now and every day makes it further and further. He is such a joy to have around and we all love him so much!!

Luke and Owen

One of many!!

Here is one of the many inventions of Cameron and Luke. Usually they would get a chair, their cozy car, or a bike or something but that day it was couch cushions. They were waiting for a friend to come play. I must say Luke dressed himself and came down that morning saying he wanted to go swimming. Crazy boys!!!

The best thing ever!!

Owen loves his johnny jump up and so do I. This thing keeps him entertained for a long time. He would sit in it for hours if I would let him. He will walk himself as far as he can and then lift his legs up to swing, he also reaches for his walker to play with the toys on top, or the door jam for a good lick. He just loves it and is all smiles everytime he is in it. I must say it is very hard to get a good picture where he is not moving. He loves jumping so much that if I hold him in a standing position he will jump like he is in his johnny jump up, it cracks me up. Love this little guy!

A tent!!

Cameron and Luke have been asking to go camping, so we decided to build a tent in their room. It was pretty ghetto but it worked and they were happy. Thank you daddy for building it for us!!! Here's the best shot I got of them in the make shift tent. Next time we'll have to bring the real 2 person tent inside or actually go camping!!

My momma's boy

Playin' with the big boys!!

A couple weeks ago, I found all three boys playing rockets together. Owen loves to watch his big brothers and was happy they let him play this time. Cameron and Luke are so sweet to Owen and always help make sure he is happy. In the mornings when Owen wakes up and starts to make noises, Cameron and Luke love to go up to his room before I do and talk to Owen. I love to lay in bed and listen to the three of them, it melts my heart. I am the luckiest mom ever!!!