Saturday, December 31, 2011


At the end of May, a week after Disney World, Reid and I went on a cruise with a couple of couples from our ward we had a bunch of fun. I have yet to get a disc of all the pictures but will put some on here when I do. We started out of New Orleans which we drove to and then got on the ship.
Our first stop wasCosta Maya. There wasn't very much to do in Costa Maya so we went to a beach and just hung out all day. It wasn't a very nice beach but we all had fun anyway.
The next stop was Belize. In Belize we did the zipline and cave tubing. The zipline was awesome and so pretty. It was quite a hike to get to all the lines but we had so much fun. The next thing we did was the Cave tubing which would have been better if the water level was higher but it was cool to see inside the caves and float down as a group. At the end we did some cliff jumping.
Our next stop was Routan Honduras, it was beautiful. There we went scuba diving, our instructor was awesome. We went in tunnels and through holes I didn't think I could even fit in. It was so beautiful and the water was so clear. We saw some really cool fish and of course as always Reid threw up when we surfaced, poor guy happens almost everytime. Half of our group wasn't certified so they did a beginners course and had lots of fun.
Our last stop was Cozumel. I think we had the most fun on this island. We all rented scooters and just went all over, we decided to stop at one of the beach clubs where they had all the blown up stuff to play on in the water, but we didn't stay too long because the water smelled so we hung out in the pool there at the club. We had a couple near crashes and some burned skin but all in all it was fun. We went to a little local taco stand for lunch and it was delicious and did some shopping.
We had a such a great time! We have the greatest friends ever, Jill and Jared Bowcutt who watched our boys so we could go and enjoy ourselves. Thanks so muc, you guys are the best! Next time you're coming with us though!

Disney World

In May we had the wonderful opportunity to go to Walt Disney World with Reid's grandparents, brother and his family. We had such a wonderful time and will never forget the fun we had and the memories that we made. We totally surprized the kids with this trip they had no idea we were going. We even flew to Florida and had a couple hours to kill in Florida before we told them where we were going. We met up with Reid's grandparents and let Grandmama tell the boys. Cameron threw his hands in the air and jump up he was so excited, the other two didn't quite understand until we explained it to them.
We started the first day off at Hollywood studios and the kids were so excited. When we first walked in there was a Mickey up on a huge statue and Owen put both hands up in the air and pointed and said, Look there's Mickey!" it was so stinkin' cute. We were able to go to a character lunch at the Hollywood and Vine Play and dine, the boys loved seeing all the characters and had a hard time eating because they were so excited. We also hit the perfect character spot and saw like 20 or so charaters in one spot. Thanks to Reid's cousin Bekka! The boys also got to do the Jedi training and got to fight Darth Vadar, it was awesome. Cameron was so brave and even rode the Tower of Terror and loved it. I was really nervous about letting him go on it thinking it would freak him out but he loved it.
The next day we went to the Magic Kingdom, we had such a great time the kids loved seeing the castle and everything. We rode most of the rides there and even waited to see the Princesses for my nieces, that was he longest wait we had!
The next day we went to Animal Kingdom where we had a character breakfast, the food was so good and the kids once again loved seeing the characters come to each table. The safari was a big hit with all the kids. After Animal kingdom we headed over to Downtown Disney to go to the T-Rex Diner, it is just like the Rainforest cafe but has dinosaurs instead of the rainforest animals. The boys thought it was really cool.
The next day we went to Epcot, where we had another character breakfast with the princesses. The boys weren't as thrilled with the princesses but still had a great time. Our favorite part of Epcot was seeing all the different countries but our most favorite was the Germany section. We ate at the Biergarten and had a german buffet and I must say it was delicious. Bekka came with us and danced with the boys and we just had so much fun.
The next day we went back to Magic Kingdom. We got to see some more characters and got some more autographs. The highlight of the trip was the Magic Kingdom firework and dessert party, we got to sit on a balcony with a clear shot of the fireworks and got to eat a bunch of yummy desserts. It was so awesome and the firework show brought tears to our eyes, it was the best way to end our trip for sure.
The next day we took our time getting ready to leave and went to downtown Disney for a last lunch with Grandmama and Papa at Planet Hollywood! So fun!
We had such a wonderful trip but I don't think I will be going back for awhile it was exhausting and so hot but I will never forget the looks on my boys faces as they got to experience everything, they were priceless!!!